July 1,  2003 


update 6/25/04,6/30/05,  5/20/07, 5/15/08, 4/22/09,2/18/11, 6/20/13, 07/01/14, 06/27/15
I.             PURPOSE                                     

The purpose of the Association Retreat Center’s Emergency Action Plan is to protect the guests and employees from serious injury, loss of life or property loss in the event of a major disaster.  A major disaster constitutes any one (1) of the following: fire – tornado/severe weather - earthquake - bomb threat – missing guest - hazardous chemical spill.

In the event of any disaster listed, this Emergency Action Plan describes the responsibilities and actions to be taken to protect all guests and employees.



In the event of a disaster, the warning may come from any one (1) ofthe following sources: commercial radio or television, civil defense radio, on grounds alarm, messenger, or police.


               A.           Notification of Emergency Warning

An employee receiving notification of a possible disaster, or an on-grounds emergency should immediately notify a member of the emergency control committee.  The type of disaster or emergency situation should then be conveyed to all guests and employees with the use of the emergency alarm system.


               B.            Emergency Control Committee

The following personnel will constitute the Emergency Control Committee.  In the event of a disaster or immediate emergency, they are to report to a designated emergency Control Center unless the prevailing situation dictates otherwise.  Committee members are:

                                              1.            Camp Director

                                              2.            Safety Director or maintenance mgr., or assigned mgr.

3.                      Guest Services Director

               C.            Emergency Control Center

                                              Emergency actions should be coordinated at the Emergency Control Center, which will be designated as the camp director’s office.  If this office is not available, report to the most convenient office of the other two (2) committee members

               D.           First Aid Services

All Directors have been certified by the American Red Cross to provide first aid.  They will be available to administer first aid on the camp grounds, or in the event of a complete evacuation at a safe assembly area outside the camp.




A.    In the event of a fire alarm, ARC staff/guest coordinators will initiate evacuation of the     

      affected building(s) to the gathering sites indicated outside the building and conduct a roll



B.     When the alarm is activated, one guest coordinator should report to at least one (1) staff

      member.  This staff member will notify a member of the emergency control committee

      who will notify proper agencies for any services that are needed.


               C. EVACUATION SITES

     Maps of all evacuation routes are displayed in sleeping rooms of all buildings.  Each map

     will show the route and exit to take determined by guest’s location in the building.  It will

     be the guest coordinators, and first-line supervisor’s responsibility to inform respective

     groups and employees of these evacuation routes.  Each buildings gathering site will be

     across the main road in front of evacuated building.




VI.          TORNADO/SEVERE WEATHER(Intermittent Alarm)

In the event of a tornado or a serve weather warning, the following procedure should be put in effect by the supervisor or emergency Control Committee:


Contact guest coordinators to move guests into designated safe assembly areas within the  building. If adequate warning is given, move all guests and employees to the designated severe weather shelter.(Appendix 3) (Tabernacle)


               After tornado/severe weather passes, restore calm and check for injuries.



Although not common an earthquake could happen in Wisconsin. An earthquake will usually occur without any type of warning.  Due to the suddenness, all guests and employees should attempt to get into a doorway passage or under a table or desk.  Any place where a person feels safety is warranted.  NO ONE SHOULD GO OUTSIDE THE BUILDING. 



In the event of a bomb threat, which will normally be received over the telephone, the following procedure should be followed:

               1.  Guest coordinators commence immediate building evacuation to outside evacuation sites.

2.  Contact an emergency coordinator for report to authorities.




A.    Guest coordinators are responsible to report immediately a missing guest to a staff member. Guest coordinators will be asked to contain groups in designated dorm rooms.

B.     A search party consisting of employees and designated guests will commence a camp search not to exceed one hour.

C.     Local authorities will be contacted if missing guest is not located within the designated time. 



A.    Employees and guest coordinators should report any known or suspicious

chemical spills to a staff member.



   Guests and employees should not evacuate the camp unless authorized by the Emergency  

   Control Committee.  The signal/alarm for a camp-wide evacuation will be announced to each

   group coordinator and employee.  The assembly site will be announced at this time.  Once at

   the assembly site, the guest coordinator should conduct a roll call and report to an Emergency

   Control Committee member for assistance.