Camper Care Guidelines

Safety Procedures Include:

  • 1. A resident medical first responder who is available 24 hours per day.

  • 2. Systematic, regular evaluations and inspections of activities, equipment, facilities and modes of transportation to ensure that they are functioning in compliance with our standards.

  • 4. Consistent evaluation of our compliance with all of the American Camp Association standards regarding safety, health and operations.

  • 5. Strict medical protocols developed in consultation with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), the WI Department of Health and Infectious Disease Specialists are in place to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

  • 6. Using the combination of prevention and intervention to attempt to ensure a camp environment of health and wellness. Prevention of illnesses at The ARC revolves around the "Big 5" - Handwashing, Hydration, Nutrition, Sunscreen and Sunglasses and Adequate Rest.

  • 7. All  full time staff are trained and certified by the American Red Cross in CPR/First Aid. In addition, staff are trained to handle and operate AED's (Artificial Electronic Defibulators).

  • 8. All campers are required to wear life jackets while participating in most water activities at the ARC or on ARC excursions.  All water front and lake front activities are monitored by certified lifeguards and trained spotting staff.

  • 9. Our Lake front activities are staffed by certified lifeguards and trained spotters.

  • 10. All challenge course activities and elements and equipment are inspected each year. Our instructors receive rigorous on-site training and are supervised by trained facilitators.

  • 11. Our riflery, archery and skeet ("shooting sports") staff are trained and certified under the guidance of the National Rifle Association certified instructor. In all shooting sports areas, safety guidelines are strictly enforced. All campers and staff must be oriented by an instructor before they are allowed to participate in our shooting sports areas. For added safety we have a minimum age limit of 12 at our skeet range, and all of our rifles are tethered to the range deck at the rifle range.

  • 12. The ARC health center is equipped to handle most minor emergencies with an Emergency Medical Kit (Banyan) and 2 AEDS, strategically located throughout the camp premises, to stabilize a person in a Life-threatening situation. In case of a life threatening emergency 911, emergency assistance is available from Osceola, WI which is 10 minutes  from the ARC. The EMS system has paramedics that are in contact with Regions Hospital, Mpls, MN. Life Flight is also available. All campers who are off- site are accompanied by staff members with either cell phones or radios whereby emergency assistance may be requested.


Here are just some of the steps that The ARC takes in selecting our Staff.

  • Each applicant receives a behavioral interview where The ARC’s permanent staff are trained not only to evaluate the content of each interview answer, but also any risk characteristics that may be demonstrated by the interviewee while answering certain questions. Each interviewer is trained to look for "red flags" that include, but are not limited to any indication of dishonesty, odd behaviors, defense mechanisms, or potentially inappropriate lifestyle tendencies.

  • Each new applicant is required to submit an application that, among other things, includes at least 3 references. The ARC asks the references questions regarding the applicant's character, work history, and any behavioral issues that may preclude them from providing a safe and wholesome environment for your child.

  • The ARC runs a criminal background check on each new summer staff member every year.

  • Every staff member at The ARC must complete sexual abuse training that focuses on prevention, recognition, and reporting before they arrive at The ARC. Each staff member is trained on how to monitor interactions between staff members and those that are in their care.

  • Upon arrival at The ARC, every summer staff member that directly interacts with children is thoroughly trained in the areas of camper safety and well-being.

If you have any more questions regarding our staff interviewing, screening, or selection process, please contact our Director at 715-294-2877.