February 1-3, 2019

For Youth in grades 9-12

For Youth in grades 9-12


SIDExSIDE is our Winter Youth Retreat for kids in grades 9-12. Relevant teaching geared to the problems today’s high school aged kids face will be taught by men and women who have experienced some of the same issues and can offer Biblical insights your kids can bring home with them.  

For youth in grades 5-8* NOTE AGE GROUP CHANGE

For youth in grades 5-8* NOTE AGE GROUP CHANGE


Sno-Daze is our winter youth retreat for kids in grades 5-8. Those in the middle school years face new challenges than ever before. Sno-Daze leadership will give them relevant, meaningful insights from God’s word to help them face the challenges of everyday life.

Sessions will challenge our youth to go deep in their faith in Christ, equipping our youth with the tools they need to stand strong in a fallen world. Spiritual education and fellowship with others of similar beliefs enables us all to stand strong. This retreat provides a place where your child will grow closer to Jesus.

PRICING - $115 per student Through January 27th, 2019

Starting January 28, $150 per student

family Discounts

(multiple brothers & sisters from one family):

Child #1 - Always pays Full Price

Child #2 - This child gets a 10% discount

Child # 3+ -These children get a 15% discount

When registering online for students who qualify for a family discount, please choose the payment option that says "Pay In Full When You Arrive At The ARC" and we will add these discounts to your payment manually at the check in table. Thank you!

Itinerary and other info:

Event Costs cover lodging, meals & speaker’s fees

Registration Begins at 5:30 PM in the Gym Classroom.

First Sessions for Side x Side Friday 8PM in the Tabernacle

First Session for Sno Daze Friday 8PM in Tadmor


Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Sunday: Breakfast

Age Groups:




Parents or youth leaders may decide that your 8th grade student should register for Side X Side even if they haven't reached the 9th grade yet.

This decision is often based on which event their friends will be attending. For instance- if your youth group combines 8th grade students with the high school kids, you might want to consider enrolling them in the Side X Side event rather than the Sno Daze event.

If your youth group wouldn't normally mix 8th grade students with the high school kids, then it might be best to enroll the 8th grade students in the Sno Daze event.

if there is any doubt which retreat the student should attend, consider sending them to the recommended age appropriate retreat. Much of the discussion and content in the older side X side retreat will be more challenging, require more focused attention, and more maturity.

Side X Side students have the opportunity to ski, snowboard or go snowtubing with their youth group if they wish! However, transportation and supervision of students going to Trollhaugen is the responsibility of Youth leaders and qualified volunteers. For information on Trollhaugen click here.

Sno-Daze students may elect to go swimming at the Osceola Aquatic Center located in the Osceola Middle School in Osceola (8 miles north of the ARC). Youth leaders/chaperones will be responsible for transportation and supervision of those students who elect to go swimming at the Osceola Aquatic Center. For information on the Osceola Aquatic Center click here.

We follow the same principals and guidelines expected for youth attending FLY Convention.

Cell phone use; Zero tolerance policy; Clothing Guidelines. 

Find these online under Helpful Information at https://www.flyconvention.org/

and share with your youth prior to attendance at ARC events.

Recommended packing list:

Winter clothing including boots, hats and gloves/mittens. Snow pants recommended.

Clothing and personal care items.  Flashlight. Bible.

Bath Towel, hand towel, washcloth.  Camera or image capturing device.

Money for the Camp Store -Canteen.

Sleeping bag, pillow and fluffy stuffy toy or whatever will jam pack the youth van!

Ski or Snowboard equipment (Side X Side) if your youth group is going to Trollhaugen.

Please remember that no snacks/foods or beverages should be eaten in sleeping areas, but may be kept in building lounge areas.


Got questions?  Contact Valerie by email: arccamps@arc-aflc.org or by phone @ 715-294-2877