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Silent Auction Ideas

·         Crafter’s Basket (Include items for a craft project)

·         Home made crafts of various kinds

·         Gift Baskets (What would you like to receive as a gift? Include it here!)

·         Quilts

·         Spa Baskets (If you wanted to be pampered what would this basket have in it?)

·         Knitted & Crotched items

·         Movie Night Basket (Everything you would need for a family movie night!)

·         Picnic Basket with picnic items: dinnerware, napkins, plates, maybe a blanket

·         Cookie/biscuit bowl: Recipe, Rolling pin, cookie cutters, rolling mat

·         Homemade caramels

·         Tea, Journal, fuzzy socks

·         Car kit:  flashlight, Bandages, tire gauge, travel pillow