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April 26-28, 2019

Cost: $120.00 for the full weekend; $90.00 for Saturday only

The ARC Women’s Retreat is a great opportunity for women of all ages to get away from the hectic schedules of home to relax, recharge and reconnect with other women. Relevant Bible teaching, great fellowship and activities to help relieve the stress of daily living. Take a weekend for yourself at the ARC Women’s Retreat!

This year we have the added bonus of the ARC Spring Boutique to be held Sunday April 28th from 11AM-3PM.

We’re excited to announce our speakers for the 2019 ARC Women’s Retreat!

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Karen Floan, Anne Presteng,

Gwen Berge, Wendy Westlake

Sister trips have been wonderful connecting times for the four Snipstead (sisters) siblings. Pictured is such a trip at the Getty’s 2017 SING conference in Nashville. A decade separates the two older sisters from the “little” sisters so bonding times as adults has become precious. Taking time from busy schedules is also challenging as all have families and work responsibilities. Oldest sister, Karen (Floan) is administrative assistant to AFLC President Lyndon Korhonen. Next in birth line is Anne (Presteng) who is enjoying a part-time retirement from her busy speech pathology profession.  Gwen (Berge) keeps her days full as Elementary Principal at Heritage Christian Academy and youngest, Wendy (Westlake) is a Pastor’s wife, gifted artist and gallery owner.  All can claim the awesome title of grandma too!